The individual living space. We build for the future of our client families.



Bien-Zenker: over 110 years of experience and success in house construction. As one of the pioneers in the industry, Bien-Zenker has already realised more than 80,000 house construction dreams since prefabricated house production began in 1962, making it one of the most popular and successful providers.

Project Future:
the individual living space

For people who are supporting themselves by building their own house, everything revolves around the future. The future plot, the new house, the new neighbourhood, the new financial situation. Bien-Zenker is the perfect partner for this because in addition to the holistic consulting and service offering, which includes the disciplines of land, financing and equipment, Bien-Zenker offers the highest degree of future security in all areas.

Starting with high-quality and healthy building materials, through intelligent floor plans that takes changing life situations into account, to building and heating technology, which masters the challenges of the future today and can be updated later.

Nothing connects more
than a shared passion

In every Bien-Zenker house there is the love for detail, the passion and the energy of a great team: the Bien-Zenker client families together with the Bien-Zenker team. A passion that unites. 97% of all Bien-Zenker clients would recommend Bien-Zenker to others.
Source: Survey among Bien-Zenker clients, 2018

Sustainability out of respect
for future generations

Every Bien-Zenker house is an active contribution of the Bien-Zenker clients to the sustainable use of our environment and resources. However, Bien-Zenker is not only committed to the responsible production of sustainable houses. For example, through the ›Protect Bees, Secure the Future‹ initiative started by Bien-Zenker, which makes a contribution to the preservation of biodiversity.