Living Haus

The reliable development concept.


Living Haus

We understand what a home is. The youngest brand of the OIKOS Group stands for a revolutionary home development concept. It offers the Living Haus client families maximum freedom, optimum security, top quality and unique services – all at an incredible cost/benefit ratio.




Viva la

Doesn’t exist? Yes, it does: Living Haus!

Living Haus is the perfect choice for all those who want to contribute to their house building and create their own personal style. You enjoy a free choice of over 600 pre-planned house designs and can freely choose the tasks you would like to take on yourself for the interior design. In addition, you gain more financial freedom through intelligent configuration of the cost-saving Living Haus energy and heating technology and through the extraordinary financing possibilities from Living Haus.

The safe bet in the home development segment: Living Haus!

If desired, Living Haus clients receive a value cheque from the strategic partner OBI together with a precise description and dimensioning of the required materials. This ensures that the interior work can begin smoothly. Besides that, Living Haus client families receive a 3-day home development course as standard from the strategic partner DIY Academy. The all-round coaches train exactly for the work for which the home builders want instructions. The young and dynamic brand also offers support online, for example with 11 detailed expansion tutorials. Living Haus is one of the fastest growing brands in the industry and continues to expand its revolutionary concept.