Our convinction

Prefabricated houses are the most future-proof construction method for the most diverse living concepts.

OIKOS builds the future

Creating sustainable housing is a societal task that is paramount throughout Europe. It is about the optimal use of space, the sustainable use of resources and the combination of comfort, safety and health in a networked world.

OIKOS is convinced that, in this context, prefabricated houses are the most sustainable construction method for a wide variety of living concepts.

We rethink living and working, especially under the aspects of digitisation, changing mobility, gentrification and demographic change. They are the answer to the complexity of questions to modernity, in which the individual and society are closely linked.

By combining traditional processes and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to realise customer wishes in a sustainable manner. In doing so, we combine economic, social and ecological aspects.

Each project of the individual OIKOS brands is an intelligent overall system.

No sector of the construction industry can afford to ignore the issue of sustainability. Climate change and scarcity of resources as well as dense urban structures increasingly influence the building environment and affect the entire construction industry.

OIKOS focuses on the implementation of the sustainability concept in the construction industry and uses materials that are renewable and recyclable. We develop instruments for assessing the sustainability of building products, building systems and industrial processes as well as buildings. OIKOS therefore considers the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainability from a life cycle perspective.

Building products in particular have a considerable influence on the sustainability performance of a building. We are aware of the connections between building products and their influence on buildings, the environment and people. But this is just the beginning: the buildings of the future are in constant interaction with their environment. Sustainable neighbourhoods are networked systems that no longer consist only of individual buildings, but instead can be seen in a completely new context through their interactions. Re:thinking homes.

The OIKOS Group combines the competence and expertise of its brands Bien-Zenker, Hanse Haus and Living Haus. The aim is to use the know-how acquired to realise future living space in a responsible, environmentally-conscious and profitable manner.